Taalim School of Indian Music has a history of over two decades offering high-quality and engaging performances of Indian music and dance. Our organization is one of the leading cultural ambassadors for South Asian performing arts to the United States. Based in the Northeastern U.S., our in-house artists and vast network of professional performers have carried these art forms nationwide through theater performances, educational residencies, corporate performances, intimate Baithak style house concerts, and workshops. The diversity of our team of artists is only exceeded by the diversity of the communities in which we have worked, ensuring that people of all ages and backgrounds can seamlessly experience the depth and breadth of Indian performing arts culture.


Drawing from the rich history of Indian danced-storytelling, Kathakaar mixes ancient mythology, exciting live music, and dazzlingly fast movement to entertain and educate in this family friendly stage show.


Global ambassadors for Indian percussion, contemporary classical tabla ensemble Talavya is a leading example of tradition and modernity coming together seamlessly.


Blending the best of the east and west, Taan is an Indo-world fusion band created by multi- instrumentalist and composer Rushi Vakil.

Tabla Solo

Our tabla soloists have been imbued with the living tradition of tabla solo playing through their direct, gurukul style training by tabla guru and composer Pandit Divyang Vakil (fondly referred to as “Guruji”). Each performance is rich with the variety of tabla’s many traditional gharana compositions as well as ever-emerging contemporary pieces by Guruji. Through different taal rhythm cycles, a tabla solo performance demonstrates the intricate syncopation of layakari, the complex rhythmic calculations of tihai, and the vocal percussion of padhant.

Kathak Solo

The traditional presentation of a kathak solo draws on its rich history of cultural influences as well as repertoire of compositions to bring audiences a full expression of technical and expressive dance. At some times the performance is slow and meditative such as during the thaat segment, at other times dizzying through endless chakkar spins, and always exhilarating with fast-paced foot work.

Student Ensemble

Taalim has had many variations of a student ensemble over the years where our most promising and talented students can display their hard work in front of audiences under the careful supervision of their teachers. From a duet to a five-piece ensemble, the Taalim Student Ensemble has brought fresh and young faces to various community events and theater performances.

Indian Classical Instrumental or Vocal

The ancient art forms of Indian classical music are as diverse as the cultural influences making up the history of the Indian subcontinent. We have a vast network of artists that can present evening length concerts as well as tailored performances from one of the various classical or semi-classical genres such as khayal, thumri, ghazal, and bhajan.

Wedding/Corporate Events/Customized Program

Whether your event is a traditional Indian wedding, a private event for employees, or a novel creation of your own making, Taalim has the experience and understanding to program your performance needs with high quality artists and abilities. Finding the right instrument or genre of Indian music or dance, planning stage and sound needs, and tailoring performances to the duration and atmosphere of your event are just some of the qualities you will experience when working with Taalim School.