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About Taalvidya

Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil has introduced his Taalvidya program: an extensive rhythm training program for Kathak dancers across the globe. It aims at providing to the sincere students of Kathak a deeper understanding of the rhythmic patterns around which the artform revolves and opening up many new possibilities for an artist to create and explore. Currently, over 500 Kathak students, dancers, teachers and professionals, each trained by different Kathak Gurus and institutes around the world, are receiving Taalvidya training under the able guidance of Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil through exclusively designed and meticulously conceptualized courses, classes and workshops. If you belong to a Kathak dance institute/ organization and would like to arrange workshops or Taalvidya sessions by Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil for your students, contact us at [email protected]

Course Highlights

  • Understanding of different types of Taal and Laya
  • The concept of Upaj
  • Various compositions and types of Tihais
  • Types of Chhandkari in Kathak
  • Layakari and the concept of micro beats



6 years is the minimum age recommended for starting Tabla lessons with us. We may accept students under 6 provided you consult with a Taalim teacher first.
6 years is the minimum age recommended for starting Kathak lessons with us. We may accept students under 6 provided you consult with a Taalim teacher first.

Sure! Please share with us some information about your previous learning experience in the Inquiry form or in the mail if you prefer to directly contact us at [email protected]

Our teachers (Tabla) are available at over 16 locations across the states. Please visit taalim.com/classes to learn more. Please note, Kathak coaching is available only at Edison, NJ or online.
If required, a paid trial class is available on request.
No! Taalim School does not offer any degree programs or certificate courses.
Our group classes generally range from 4 to 10 students. At Taalim School we teach our group classes in such a way that each student can progress at their own pace.
You can enroll in classes at Taalim school regardless of age and experience level.
Yes, we will provide students with a letter of recommendation on the Taalim letterhead. We can also facilitate the production of a performance sample video or audio file to include with college applications.
Students are encouraged to participate or attend our various workshops, summer camps, concerts, events, and recitals. All students are guided thoroughly towards their holistic development as a student, individual and musician.
No! We do not organize an annual day event at the school. However, the students get to perform and learn through various events held throughout the year.
No, we do not provide drums to students. All new registrants must have their own set of Tabla for their practice.
Yes! Taalim School offers a variety of semi- professional and professional Tabla sets for purchase either at our main brand in Edison, NJ or by pick up at one of our many class locations around NJ and NY.
Yes! Although we do not have an annual day where every student performs, we do hold regular recitals and house concerts where students are given a chance to show their practice and ability. Students are selected for performance opportunities by their teacher, which generally does not happen before 2 years of training and ensures the highest quality of their education and our events. We believe in creating a strong sense of achievement and respect when given permission to perform, so we reserve the right to deny performance to students based on merit.
As always, our highest commitment is the health and safety of our students and teachers. Due to the continuing uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the students, parents and visitors must be fully vaccinated against the Covid- 19 infection, carry a hand sanitizer and must wear a mask at all times in the school premises. Parents are not allowed to wait in the school premises to avoid any possible chances of infection. All students attending classes in- person must fill out our covid- 19 liability form before beginning with their first session.